Diabetes is a major cause of amputation world wide. Nationally, a lot more can be done to avert this poor outcome in diabetic patients. Last June in 2009, Diabetes UK launched their "Putting Feet First" campaign in the NHS in recognition of this challenge. 

The Surrey Vascular Clinic offers a Diabetic foot screening service. This new service assesses the diabetic patient for impairment of foot sensation, examines for evidence of lower limb arterial disease, looks for foot shape deformity and areas that are at potential risk of ulceration. 

If you are a diabetic patient, we recommend that you learn about good foot care and recognize the early warning signs of diabetic foot complications so that any risk of amputation is reduced in the long term. At present, there are very few clinics that offer a private diabetic foot screening service. As it is a new service, diabetic foot screening is also not yet funded by most private health insurers.

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