Carotid artery surgery for stroke prevention

The carotid arteries in your neck carry carry oxygen rich blood to your brain. Carotid artery disease can cause a stroke or TIA (mini stroke) in patients. If you have suffered a stroke or TIA, you are at particular risk of a recurrent stroke or TIA in the first 48 hours after your first symptoms. This high risk period can last up to 6 weeks after your initial event. It is vital that patients seek medical help early so that a further stroke or TIA is prevented. Delays can be disastrous.

Mr. Chong is a key member of STAG (Stroke & TIA Action Group) at Frimley Park Hospital. STAG has worked together to provide a modern, streamlined service for patients who suffer mini-strokes so that they are evaluated within 24 hours by a specialist, have their investigations with specialist scans completed and have rapid access to expert carotid surgery to prevent further strokes. Mr. Chong is able to offer local anaesthetic carotid endarterectomy to his patients. This technique allows the surgical team to communicate with the patient throughout the procedure so that there is reassurance that the patient has not suffered a stroke during the surgical procedure. Often patients are discharged home on the day after carotid surgery if they make satisfactory progress.

Occasionally, patients who are not suitable or feasible candidates for carotid endarterectomy surgery will require consideration for carotid artery stenting (CAS) instead. CAS is a technique that is still developing and remains under research evaluation. In the event that CAS is appropriate, Mr. Chong will discuss matters with you fully before referring you to our regional vascular CAS service. 

Our carotid surgery service is safe with a 30-day complication rate of 0% published in the National Vascular Registry for cases performed by Mr. Chong compared to a UK National rate of 2.4%.

Patient's with known carotid artery disease but without any symptoms (asymptomatic carotid stenosis) are welcome to ask us more about our ECST-2 research study now taking place at Frimley Park Hospital. 

Mr. Chong offers carotid surgery treatment exclusively at his Parkside Suite base.

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